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iPad Apps

Access all running apps
  • Double-clicking the Home button shows you all the apps that are running in the bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • To switch to a running app Tap on it here in this bar.
  • Swipe the screen downwards to remove this bar.
How to add more Apps to your iPad Dock

The iPad has four icons in its ‘dock’. (it can hold 6) - Safari, Mail, Photos and iPod.

  • Locate an App you want to add to the dock. Tap it and hold down on your screen until all the App icons ‘wiggle’
  • Drag the App down to the Dock and while it’s hovering over the Dock, let go of it with your finger
  • When you are done, press the Home button to save your new arrangement.
Add up to 6 Apps in the bottom tray - Safari, Mail, Photos and iPod
  • Click and hold on any icon until all the App icons ‘wiggle’
  • Drag any two additional apps into the bottom tray.
How to delete apps from your iPad
  • On the springboard, locate the app you want to delete.
  • Tap and hold down the icon of the application you want to delete. Your screen will start to “wiggle” and an X will appear next to each of the apps you’ve installed.
  • Tap the X next to the icon of the app you want to remove.
  • Select Delete.
  • If the application is listed in your iTunes Applications as well, you’ll want to remove it from there or else it will re-install the next time you sync. Or keep the app in your iTunes Applications, and set iTunes not to sync all applications, just the ones you want to keep.
Close running Apps on your iPad
  • Double-click the Home button.
  • Tap and hold down on any one of the currently running Apps
  • Each App will start to “wiggle” and now has a small “minus sign” circle in the upper left corner. Tap the “minus sign” of the App you want to close/quit
  • That App will now close
  • You can continue tapping the “minus signs” to close all open Apps, if needed

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Last Updated: 1/8/15