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Sony Video / Data Projector

Sony Video / Data Projector
Instructions Screenshots
Step 1

Power Button: Use this button to turn the projector on and off. (To turn off, press this button twice. The image will disappear from the screen, but the fan will continue to run for two minutes after the projector is turned off).

Information Technology
Step 2

Input Button: Use this button to change the input. Inputs A and B are for use with a computer. The Video input is for use with a VCR or DVD player.

Step 3

Zoom: Turn the inner part of the lens to make the image larger or smaller.

Step 4

Focus: Turn the outer part of the lens to focus the image on the screen.

Step 5

Menu Options: Please contact the Help Desk at x1112about making any adjustments to the menu options.

Step 6

Light Button: Pressing this button lights the control panel on the projector.

Step 7

Lamp Light: This light indicates that the projector bulb is nearing the end of its life. If you notice this light is on, please notify the Help Desk immediately.

Step 8

Temperature Light: Indicates that the projector is overheating. Please shut the projector down and allow the fan to run. Contact the Help Desk for further assistance.

Step 9

Stand-by Light: Indicates the projector is in stand-by mode.

Step 10

Power Save Light: Indicates the projector is in power-save mode.

Step 11

Power Light: Indicates when the power is on. When the power is on, the light will be green.

PLEASE NOTE: For classrooms with ceiling-mounted projectors, the image is already sized and focused (steps 3-4).

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