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Smart Sympodium

Smart Sympodium
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What is it?

The Smart Sympodium is a device that allows students to see anything you write on your computer screen using a special monitor and pen. Notes drawn on the Smart whiteboard software can be organized into slides and saved for later use. In addition to being able to replace the traditional whiteboard, the Sympodium makes it easy to write on Microsoft Powerpoint, Word and Excel documents, and can work with any program you use to help instruct your class.

For more information on the Smart Sympodium, please contact a member of instructional support.

Smart Sympodium
Sympodium Buttons
Sympodium Tool Buttons

Basic Usage
  • Step 1
    Turn the Smart Sympodium on by pressing the Power button located on the top right of the unit.
  • Step 2
    The special pen attached to the Sympodium allows you to click on anything on the screen by simply tapping the tip of the pen against the display.
  • Step 3
    The buttons located at the top of the Sympodium allow you to put the unit into writing mode. Select your desired color by pressing one of the colored pen buttons (A). You may now use the special pen to write anywhere on the screen by touching the tip to the display. To erase the pen marks, press the eraser button (B) and move the pen over the areas to be erased.

    While you are in writing mode, you will not be able to use the pen to click on the screen like you normally would. To return the pen to the normal mode, simply press the arrow button (C).
  • Step 4
    The buttons at the bottom of the unit allow you direct acces to some of the tools provided by the Smart software package. Most notable is the Smart Board button (D). Pressing this button will open up software that allows you to use the Sympodium as a whiteboard. Also important is the right-click button (E). Pressing this button will make the Sympodium register your next tap on the screen as a right-click.

For information on how to use the Smart Sympodium and a look at all of the additional features, please contact a member of instructional support. They will be able to give you a full demonstration of the unit and its' capabilities.

* Please contact the Help Desk at x1112 if you encounter any problems while using the unit.

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Last Updated: 3/15/16