Make PowerPoint Accessible

PowerPoint (ppt) is a presentation tool and not intended for web publishing. Thus, a typical PowerPoint is less accessible than a Word document. For the web, publish a text-only or outline version of your presentation in Word format.

Make sure the ppt file is screen reader accessible. A simple way to find accessibility issues is to conduct an accessibility check. How to check accessibility for an Office document.

How to Make a PowerPoint file accessible:

  • Make sure all of the text on a slide also appears in the Outline View. Students with visual disabilities may prefer the outline view.
  • Utilize slide layout templates within the program when creating presentation. Click on Home tab > New Slide icon > pick a predefined layout. Use template slides containing text boxes and images to avoid accessibility issues.
  • Create a title for each slide.
  • Use sufficient color contrast.
  • Remove irrelevant graphics, excessive animation or rapidly flashing elements. These elements may disrupt the information presented and pull focus away from the content. Also, some viewers can experience migraines or seizures from animations.
  • Insert Alternative Text on pictures and tables. how to add alternative text.
  • Setup Slide Reading Order. Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations.
  • Include captions or an embedded transcript for any video or audio components.

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