Web Accessibility Guidelines

Web accessibility is not only important, but also federal law mandates web accessibility for post-secondary institutions that receive federal funding. This section provides information about the regulations and guidelines for web accessibility.

Requirements and Guidelines

Please find requirements and guidelines for web accessibility at the following websites:

Web Accessibility at CCRI

The IT Web Services group assures the accessibility of the template elements of the College's website, such as banners, menus and images not relating to the main body. Web Content Managers are responsible for the accessibility of the content, such as the images and attachments in the main body. Content Managers receive weekly reports on the accessibility status of their sites to insure accessibility of all content.

Also, the Blackboard learning management system has accessibility settings. Please see Appendix: Blackboard Accessibility. Instructors are responsible for making the content they create and post to Blackboard accessible.

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Last Updated: 9/27/17