4.08  Sick Leave:

Sick leave is intended to provide an employee with pay in the event of a personal or family illness or other disability.  After three (3) consecutive days, the appointing authority or his/her designee will require a physician's certificate or other satisfactory documentation validating the use of sick leave.

Calendar and academic year staff, as well as calendar year faculty, are eligible for sick leave accrual.   An employee is entitled to sick leave in accordance with the provisions of his or her collective bargaining agreement, which prevails where applicable, or this policy.  If applicable, the first thirteen weeks of such leave is considered Family and Medical Leave "FMLA".

Employees accrue fifteen (15) working days of sick leave per year up to a maximum of 125 days.  The accrual rate and maximum will be prorated for part-time employees.   The rate of accrual for employees on leave of absence will be based on the percentage of pay received during the leave.

If an employee has exhausted his or her sick leave accrual and is unable to return to work, the employee may apply for disability pay, leave without pay, advanced sick leave, or resign.  Employees may be allowed to borrow up to two weeks of sick leave against future accumulation provided they have discharged all accrued vacation, sick leave, personal leave, compensatory time and other accrued paid leave, and provide satisfactory medical documentation.  The decision to grant or deny leave without pay or advanced sick leave shall rest with the appointing authority.

An institution may establish a sick leave bank in situations where an employee with one or more years of service suffers from a non-work related catastrophic illness or injury.  The employee must have discharged all accumulated leave (sick leave, vacation, personal time and compensatory time), and borrowed two weeks of advanced sick leave to be eligible.

Employees from within the institution may voluntarily donated one sick leave day per calendar year to the sick leave bank.

An employee may request a specific number of days from the bank based upon financial hardship and health prognosis (supported by satisfactory medical documentation).  Employees may be eligible to receive time from the sick leave bank for a maximum of six (6) months, or until they are eligible for disability.

When the service of a non-union, non-faculty employee is terminated by early or normal retirement (involuntary or voluntary) or death, such employee or his or her estate shall be entitled to receive full pay for each hour of accrued sick leave to his or her credit, in accordance with the following formula.  Early retirement is defined by Board policy.  As of the date of termination, an employee shall be entitled to receive full pay for 50% of all accrued sick leave over 390 hours up to and including 630 hours and 75% pay for all accrued sick leave over 630 hours up to and including 875 hours.  All non-classified calendar and academic year staff shall report sick leave discharges on the biweekly or monthly attendance report, signed by the employee and certified by the employee's supervisor.

For the purposes of 4.06 and 4.07, a year shall begin on the first pay period in January and end on the last pay period in December.