Communication is important in the daily life of faculty, staff and students at the Community College of Rhode Island.  To that end, the college uses several communications tools to keep the exchange of information flowing within the college community, as well as promoting news of the college, events and the achievements of personnel to external media statewide.

The Marketing and Communications Department is represented by a diverse group of professionals who are able to assist and counsel the college community on a range of communication issues.  In addition to external relations (e.g. media), the Marketing and Communications Department is responsible for college publications, internal and external communications, speechwriting, editorial services, graphic design standards, advertising, website content, many special events and photography.

The Marketing and Communications Department promotes news about CCRI through the following methods:

  • CCRI home page graphic feature and headlines – The graphic feature is found in the center of the CCRI home page and is updated on a regular basis. This is used to promote notices that are pertinent across all audiences – internal and external. Headlines below direct viewers to other pages and highlight new programs, recent or upcoming events and other news.
  • Crier – This is a weekly electronic newsletter that delivers notices of important announcements and upcoming campus events to CCRI faculty and staff.  Members of the college community can submit information to be included in Crier .  Information provided should be brief and include the day, date, time, room number, campus and contact person’s name and telephone extension.
  • MyCCRI – This is an online Web portal for students, faculty and staff that includes notices of important campus announcements and upcoming events.  This site is updated as events and announcements warrant.
  • Currents newspaper – The name Currents was chosen for this publication because it represents movement and implies up-to-date news.  The primary goal of this publication is to improve the flow of important and timely news throughout all of our campuses.  This publication appears in print and online.
  • Course Highlights tab – This publication focuses on recent news about particular class or program offerings at the college.  It is published three times a year, available on all campuses and mailed to more than 250,000 Rhode Islanders.
  • News and Events – This section of CCRI’s website (which can be accessed directly from the home page) includes news and announcements about the college made public through official press releases, in published issues of Currents or as they appear in the media.  Photographs of many college events also may be viewed through the photo galleries.
  • Green & White – In concert with the Director of Alumni Affairs, this publication is sent to 50,000 alumni three times a year and communicates college news, alumni profiles and event information.
  • Facebook – The college’s Alumni Association maintains a presence on this social networking website at .  The page is updated with college news and announcements, athletic scores as well as photo and video coverage of recent events.  There is also a calendar of upcoming events.
  • Advertising – Marketing and Communications is available to assist other college departments in developing, creating and placing advertisements in print, broadcast or online media to get the best result for that department’s or program’s budget.
  • Entrance sign – The East Avenue entrance sign on the Knight Campus is used to inform the college community and the public about events happening on campus.  All requests for announcements for the marquee must be submitted and placements are made at the discretion of the Marketing and Communications staff.

The Marketing and Communications Department is also responsible for the college’s overall visual identity.  As the largest community college in New England, it is very important to communicate one clear and unifying public identity to our diverse audiences.  To ensure consistency, a system of visual identity standards has been developed.  This system reinforces a strong and definitive impression of CCRI’s quality, professionalism and commitment to academic excellence.

This set of graphic standards is easily accessible on the college’s website at  It serves as a framework for the proper use of this system and introduces refined versions of the official CCRI Logo and Seal, official Signatures, individualized Unit Signatures, as well as usage guidelines, typographic guidelines and the approved stationery and publication templates.  Consistency in the way these elements are presented projects one visual look to the public.

To be successful in communicating our identity, it is essential that everyone adheres to the standards outlined. By doing so, you will help us project a clear, unifying image for CCRI.

Supervisors and department leaders are encouraged to keep employees informed of pertinent college news on a timely basis.  It is also recommended that they encourage staff members to be proactive about staying informed of college news and events.

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Last Updated: 11/30/16