1996 Hall of Fame inductee - Jane Allaire

Jane Allaire

“No one can serve an institution for over a quarter of a century without it having a significant impact on one’s life. Starting out along with 12 other people as a ‘pioneer’ in building a college community has been a tremendous growth and experience for me. As each of us created, or ‘founded,’ our own respective departments we knew we were beginning something important. I am sure that my colleagues felt the same satisfaction from their special areas as I did in directing the development of the library from a single telephone book in a borrowed half-room to the multi-tiered, mult-media wonder it has become … To have taken part in the education of so many diverse types of students – of all ages, from all walks of life; to have been on the cutting edge of this vast and wonderful college; to have ‘known it when’ and to have seen it grow and contribute as it has – these have been unique and wonderful experiences. Because of them, CCRI will be a part of me for the rest of my life.”

Jane Allaire was one of the “original 13” CCRI faculty members when Rhode Island Junior College, as it was known then, opened its doors in 1964. She was hired as assistant professor of English and acting librarian, a position she held until 1968 when she received a master’s of Library Science degree from the University of Rhode Island and was appointed librarian, and later, director of Library Services.

Allaire was an active member of the community college, serving on numerous committees, and was instrumental in the formation of CRIAL, a consortium of academic and research libraries in the state. She left the library position in 1979, transferring to the CCRI English Department, where she specialized in Children’s Literature until her retirement in 1990.

For several years, Allaire was a live, on-air news reader for IN-SIGHT, a service to the blind community. She also served as secretary to the board of Hamilton House and enthusiastically pursued her hobby of building dollhouses and miniatures.

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