CCRI Graduate Student Outcomes Statement

Graduate outcomes statement – CCRI seeks to encourage the development of personal qualities of integrity, individual responsibility and reliability in its students. In accordance with its mission to produce an educated workforce, the college has identified the following as essential:

  1. Fundamentals Competencies
    1. clear and correct expression in both written and spoken English
    2. ability to recognize, understand, and adjust to changes in life and work
    3. problem-solving and analytical skills
    4. information access skills
  2. Understanding of National and International Influences On Life and Work
    1. awareness of the historical, cultural and economic influences of their life and work
    2. appreciation of the roles of the arts, humanities, sciences and technology in their lives
  3. Occupational Competence
    1. understanding of each individual's role and contribution within the organization
    2. pride in quality performance\effective communication skills
    3. ability to function as a member or a leader of a team in the workplace and larger community
    4. appropriate professional skills


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Last Updated: 6/13/18