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Project Plan

The upcoming accreditation visit imposes the following time line on the activities of this committee:

2010 - 2011     Analyze the educated person goals for assessability  and modify as needed.

2011 - 2012     Interface with departments to develop an assessment process as outlined        above, and begin assessment process.

2012 - 2013    Continue assessment and collect data for NEASC, committee evaluation, and information to departments and faculty.

Fall 2012 NEASC self-study report


Spring '05

Gather input to refine the general education skills and competencies a CCRI graduate should possess using the established CCRI Graduate Student Outcomes Statement

Process - Online survey/discussion board and series of campus-wide focus groups

- Review of peer institutions general education statements


Fall '05

Gather input to identify related disciplines and current offerings available for students to obtain identified skills and competencies

Process - Department-based discussions followed by reports to General Education Committee

- Review of peer institutions general education programs


Spring '06

Articulate and implement a General Education common core curriculum across all programs that specifies the required number of courses within each discipline

Process - General Education Committee makes final recommendations for common core

- Recommendations reviewed through college-wide discussion process

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