Knight Campus Discussion Group

February 22, 2005

Attendees at the meeting on Tuesday, 2/22/05 in Room 1130, Knight Campus.

Facilitators: Kate Dunnigan and Lee Chartier

Participants: Jack Every, Kay Johnson, Vince DeSanctis, Peter Woodberry, Dan Donovan, John Whitman, Lee Chartier, Laura Moulton, Joanne Warren, David Kaplan, Kim Crealey-Rouillier

CCRI Faculty – Knight Campus


Good command of the English language, both oral and written

Knowledge of the quantitative skills for fundamental Math

To work collaboratively

Applying a scientific method, critical thinking and self-initiating behavior promotes intentional change and problem solving

The need for computer literacy in the field of information technology - how to access this technology and evaluate what was accessed

How does the United States fit into the rest of the world?

Ethical and moral informed decision make-up with a sense of personal responsibility, timeliness with the consideration of others and setting priorities with time management

Economic literacy
Political literacy

  1. civic responsibility
  2. voting
  3. tolerance of the political systems

Artistic and humanistic expression

  • music
  • writing
  • painting
  • sculpting
  • dancing
  • wellness
  • nutrition
  • fitness
  • research skills


Learning communities

Value lifelong learning

How to learn

Global/cultural awareness

Disposition toward inquiry/learning

In setting disciple credit requirements, factor in program courses that address these outcomes

Reading (level?)

Critical thinking/analytical skills

Speaking, writing and organizing/presenting ideas

Informational literacy

Computer Literacy

Math (calculus level?)

Science (level? general?)

Self-awareness, expression, advocacy

Ethically and morally informed decision-making

Pride in quality performance

Cultural, historical, and economic awareness of life/work issues

Plays well with others



Critical reading - evaluate what is read by its source, accuracy and timeliness


To express in written form and orally


Quantitative analysis to determine how to learn

  • by accessing information
  • by evaluation
  • processing information


Compare national and cultural differences by globalization and geopolitics

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