Open the Website http://drømstørre.dk/wp-content/wind/miller/windpower%20web/en/tour/wres/index.htm

Read sections Energy Output and How does it work? of the “Guide Tour on Wind Energy”.

Using Microsoft Word, type the answers to the topic questions. Note, the answer to each question can be found one sub-topic section.


 Energy Output

  1. What is the Weibull distribution?
  2. What is the average bottle fallacy?
  3. Why do we have to consider the rarely occurring high wind speeds when calculating the mean wind speed?
  4. What is Betz’ Law?
  5. What is the potential energy of wind proportional to?
  6. How much of the wind power can we theoretically convert to mechanical power?
  7. What is the power curve of a wind turbine?
  8. What is the power coefficient of a wind turbine?
  9. How does a air temperature effect wind energy?
  10. What is the capacity factor of a turbine?

 How does it work?

  1. What the major parts of a wind turbine?
  2. What is the nacelle?
  3. What is the yaw mechanism?
  4. What makes a rotor turn?
  5. What is rotor stall?
  6. Why are rotor blades twisted?
  7. Why are rotor blades like the wing of air craft?
  8. What are modern large rotor blades made from?
  9. What are active stall machines resemble pitch controlled machines?
  10. What is yaw error?
  11. What are the main reasons for using large towers?
  12. What kind of turbines are suitable for offshore sites?
  13. What effect would aesthetics have in turbine size selection?
  14. What is the purpose of tip brakes?