Digital Systems ENGR-2320


Introduction to Engineering and Technology
  • Course Introduction
  • Your Skills and Learning styles
  • Project Based Learning
  • Wind Turbine Project



Module Topics

  1. Course syllabus  Spring 2018
  2. Student information form
  3. Form Project Teams and exchange info.
  4. Effective Team Building **
  5. Team Agreement
  6. Engineering Design Cycle
  7. Management Styles
  8. Comparison of Engineering Technology and Engineering
  9. What is engineering and technology?
  10. Start Resume examples
  11. Create a resume from template
  12. and Project Based Learning (PBL)
  13. What is Project Based Learning (PBL)
  14. Project Based Learning in Higher Education
  15. The Law's of Physics Engineering and Technology
  16. Magnet and electric generator theory
  17. Measure magnet Lab
  18. Excel Tutorials
  19. Excel-Magnet worksheet

Assignments and Homework

  1. E-mail to your instructor using subject ENGR-1020-104 from the address you will use for this course. Include name, day and evening telephone numbers.
  2. Complete Excel-Magnet worksheet
  3. Read website Introduction to Magnetism

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