Presentation Aids

Sites Explanation of Resource
Using Visual Aids Effectively The title of this site says it all. Follow the link to receive some general tips on how to use visual aids to enhance your presentation.
Advanced Public Speaking Institute Part of this site deals with using audio-video and props as part of a presentation.
PowerPoint 2013 Information Get tips and advice from the creators of PowerPoint.
PowerPoint in the Classroom Created by Act360, this site provides directions on how to create slides and add various media. Note that this site relates to the 2003 version of PowerPoint.-
PowerPoint Presentation Tips Bates College provides some basic tips about creating PowerPoint design and presenting with it.
PowerPoint Links Tracy Marks offers her collection of PowerPoint-related links. Please note that she is no longer updating the site, so many of her links will be broken. However, the basic information provided remains useful.
PowerPoint Answers Some PowerPoint FAQ’s are answered here.
MS Office Support for PP Helpful tips for using PowerPoint 2016
PowerPoint Design Tips Read about template design and customization for PowerPoint.
Quick Guide from Purdue OWL  Quick tips about how to create a PowerPoint.
Convert PP to MP4 A basic explanation about how to convert a PowerPoint to a video.
“The Perils of PowerPoint” Let’s face it–PowerPoint can be great, but it can be overdone and lead to boring presentations. This article helps speakers avoid misusing PowerPoint.
“7 Deadly Sins of PowerPoint” A similar viewpoint to the above article is expressed here.
Presentation Pointers Get presentation building and planning tips here.
Sound Clip Art provides categories of various sound clips, including those from television shows.
Microsoft Office Imagery Access royalty-free images. Free PowerPoint slides can be downloaded here.
Apps for Public Speakers Some free and inexpensive iPad apps for presenters.
Speech App With this app, you can prepare and deliver a speech on your iPhone or iPad.
Prezi Presentation software

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