Sites Explanation of Resource
Persuasive Speaking This learning module “provides instruction in creating and presenting a persuasive speech. Specifically, different organizational patterns will be provided to the students. Students will go through guided activities that will give them the background and application of the organizational patterns.”
Speech Gems Speech Gems, a company specializing in communication tools, gives a quick summary of persuasive speaking techniques.
Benefits of Pro/ Using controversial issues to teach critical thinking.
Ethos, Logos, and Pathos Review these key persuasive concepts from Aristotle.
Influence at Work Provides an in-depth but readable introduction to social influence, persuasion, and propaganda.
Propaganda Analysis Professor Aaron Delwiche’s site that focuses on propaganda techniques, with examples from World War II as well as more contemporary applications.
Argumentation and Critical Thinking An interactive tutorial with tests developed by Jay VerLinden, professor of communication at Humboldt state University.
Stephen’s Guide to the Logical Fallacies Professor Steven Downes’ “fallacies online” site, with extensive information on critical thinking, logic, and fallacies.
The Fallacy Files An interactive site containing an extensive collection of fallacies and bad argument, with definitions and examples
Fallacies Dr. Michael C. Labossiere presents explanations and examples of 42 errors in reasoning.
Handbook of Rhetorical Devices Robert Harris’ site provides a review of rhetorical devices and examples of them.
American Rhetoric and Rhetorical Devices This American Rhetoric sites builds on Robert Harris’ site and also provides examples from television, movies, and speeches.

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