Online Instructional Methods/Expectations


Is Distance Learning for you?

This format is not for everyone. It will require you to discipline yourself to work with the materials on a daily basis.  Do you have what it takes? It is strongly recommended that you visit the website on a daily basis to check your feedback from me and messages on the Discussion Forum. (The Discussion Board will be our class discussion vehicle.)  This is not a self-paced course.  You will be required to participate in weekly activities (assignments and class discussions).  In general, students enrolled in online courses, can expect to devote more time and effort in completing course requirements than in a course conducted on campus.

If this is your first Distance Learning (DL) course, you should visit the DL website for an orientation to the DL environment: check your readiness and get off to a good start.


What I Expect From You

Time Commitment

New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) accreditation requires that faculty assign two (2) hours of outside work for every one (1) hour spent in the classroom.  Students should be prepared to spend approximately 9-10 hours each week completing course requirements. Summer Session classes are accelerated, therefore additional time may be required.

Technology & Equipment Needed

Access to a Desktop or Laptop Computer. You will need access to the internet on a daily basis. (Note: The Blackboard app is not sufficient to successfully complete online courses).  Check your browser and plug ins.

No Required On-Campus Meetings

This course will utilize the web for all instruction and assessment.  However, if warranted, orientation and seminar meetings may be scheduled based on student needs.  A Blackboard Platform course has been developed to guide students through the course content.  Within the Blackboard course students will find instructional materials, assignments, tests/exams, as well as a discussion forum.

Successfully completing a course on-line, does require students to be self-directed and self-motivated.  The course will adhere to a pre-determined schedule, in order to cover the course content.  The flexibility allowed in the on-line environment is limited to access, not completion of assignments. In general, students enrolled in online courses, can expect to devote more time and effort in completing course requirements than in a course conducted on campus.


Communication with the instructor will be facilitated through the “Discussion Board” as well as through e-mail, and by telephone if warranted.  It is strongly recommended that students visit the web-site on a daily basis.  All E-mail messages will be directed to your MyCCRI Account.  It is therefore recommended that you check your MyCCRI e-mail routinely.

Participation- Participation is critical to creating a "virtual classroom".   Where warranted, class discussions on cases, self-assessments or readings will be monitored.  Simply posting your response is not sufficient to gain full credit for the assignment.  It is expected that you will read each other’s postings and respond. 

Feedback - Please provide feedback along the way.  If you experience broken links or pages that are not loading, please let me know. 


Weekly Homework and Semester Assignments will be available in several places within the course website.  A schedule of activities will outline each homework assignment and/or activity along with an evaluation rubric.  Such activities may include a discussion/dialogue on cases, researching and reporting on various topics, working as a team to deliver a workshop, reflections on self-assessments as well as experiential activities (informational or job interview).  Activities are scheduled on a weekly basis providing a “window” for submissions, (Monday through Sunday evening) unless noted. 

All testing and quizzing will be done online.  Students will not be required to meet on campus to complete these activities.  Study guides will be available as well as other review tools to reinforce learning.  See Evaluation below.  Note:  No Tests or Quizzes in BUSN 1060 – Leadership Development.

Our Course Schedule provides an outline of activities by week, and not necessarily specific due dates, providing a “window” for submissions (Monday through Sunday evening), unless noted.  In general Class Discussions and/or Blogs will begin on Mondays and end on Sunday evening.  Students are expected to post their initial response by Wednesday evening, allowing classmates the opportunity to respond by Sunday Evening.  It is everyone’s responsibility to adhere to this schedule.  It is imperative therefore, that you prepare for the discussion (review the assigned chapter/unit) for the week prior to Monday. 

It is the student’s responsibility to schedule their time to meet all deadlines.  Certain Assignments may have a specific due date, and in that case, the assignment is due by midnight.  Please do not ask for an extension. Late submissions will be penalized and may not be accepted.  All assignments (unless noted) should be checked for spelling, grammar and netiquette. I may recommend that you re-work and resubmit some assignments (due within one week, no exceptions).


Students who have or believe they have a disability and require accommodations to meet course requirements, are encouraged to contact me as soon as possible to work out an equitable method for evaluating your class performance. However, students are encouraged to contact the Disability Services staff for further clarification.


Students are expected to visit the website daily.  Last minute issues and concerns will be addressed on the Homepage/Announcements Page, Discussion Board or through e-mail.  (All email messages will be sent to your “MyCCRI” account.)  Don’t miss an important “bit” of information because you failed to “check in”.  Your “attendance” is monitored.  While I don’t have a “required” number of hours you should spend on-line, I would suggest at the minimum you should plan to devote approximately 9-10 hours per week to complete course requirements.  If you were taking a course on campus, you would spend approximately 3 hours in class, and an additional 6 hours outside of class to complete readings, assignments etc. (Accreditation Requirements).


Orderly and productive discussion is encouraged.  Students will post assignments within a forum on the discussion board by Wednesday evening.  Students should read and respond to each other’s postings as appropriate by Sunday evening.  Be mindful that we are missing the face-to-face non-verbal cues that accompany discussion.  Be sensitive to how others may respond to your opinions.  It is important to use the Discussion Board to ask questions of me (if you think others can benefit), or of each other.  No Question is stupid or silly.  (See More at

Counseling and Study – Students are expected to read the textbook and review other recommended materials.  Within each Chapter/Module, you will find tools to help you master course content.  Students who are experiencing difficulty with the readings, assignments or the course in general should contact me immediately. You may e-mail me within the course, or stop by my office during my office hours (Room 3104 – Warwick).

Academic Honesty – Academic honesty is expected.  Willful plagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic dishonesty will result in failure of the course, in accordance with established CCRI policies.


What you can Expect From Me

Response Time

I will log into the site daily (Monday-Friday).  You can expect any e-mail messages to be answered within a 24-36 hour period (except on the weekends).  I will also review the Discussion Board daily.  If there is an important message you want me to see, post it in the Helpdesk or Anonymous Feedback forums.

Grades and Feedback

Grades for assignments will be posted to "My Grades" around one week following the due date.  This will allow for interaction.  Feedback will appear in your “MyGrades” section.  I may not send you a note for every assignment, but will try to guide you throughout the course with feedback. Grades for papers will be posted within two weeks of the due date.  I will review each paper and return it to you with feedback.  If at any time you are not happy with your grade, you have the option of reworking it and resubmitting it for a better grade.


I have tried to organize the site so that it is easy to use.  You may want to view this video about navigating your Blackboard Course site:

The course menu which appears to the left will provide you with access to all components of the course.  (If you do not see the course menu, move your curser to the separating line between the course menu and the page…click on the “<->” icon to expand or minimize.) 

If you do experience difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact me.  If you need extra support related to the content of the course, I am available during my office hours on campus, or at other times as well.  

Creating a Virtual Classroom

Research suggests that students learn more when they are engaged with course material.  To this end, I will monitor class discussions and participate if warranted. Creating a “virtual classroom” will require all of us to work closely, and share our opinions and points of view.  We do however need to maintain a level of decorum on the web.  While I do not want to practice censorship, I do expect that all of us will follow proper  (See More at

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