Chapter Modules Within Blackboard:

The Chapter/Unit Modules I have set up within your Blackboard course are there to provide support and supplemental material and tools to help you succeed.  I would encourage you to review the Chapter/Unit Module before reading your text.  You will find external links (to the text website or others) or links to my notes.  I have tried to organize the material in the Chapter Modules so that it is easy to use.

  1. Review the Chapter/Unit Overview if available.
  2. Review the Learning Objectives (Outcomes).  In some cases my learning outcomes are different than those identified at the beginning of each chapter within your text.
  3. If a chapter summary or lecture notes are provided, review them.  This will familiarize you with terminology, concepts and theories presented in the text’s chapter.
  4. View the Power Point presentations as they may provide an overview of the chapter for you, but presented in another format.
  5. There are often many Review tools available for you.  Use these tools.  I have created quizzes for each chapter.  No two quizzes are alike.  Each quiz randomly selects questions from the computerized test bank provided by the text publisher.
  6. Review the Supplemental Reading/Additional Resources for more information.



Your Assignments:

Your assignments within this course can be found on an “Assignments” page (see course menu), and in most cases from within the Chapter/Unit Modules.  There are generally no specific Due Dates but most require submission before the end of the week (Sunday Evening). You will in most cases find links to assignments due within the week on our Homepage/Announcements Page.  Please note, this course is not self-paced, we will move through the course as a class.

In most cases, you will post your responses to discussion topics in a forum on the main discussion board.  I ask that you post your initial response by Wednesday evening of each week, allowing for classmates to consider for discussion.  I expect that you will read each others’ postings and respond to each other building on each others’ comments.  Review the class participation requirements for your course.  You will note that class discussion/participation is a considerable portion of your grade.