Personal Introduction Assignment

Answer the following questions and post your introduction to the “Personal Introductions” forum on the message board.

Feel free to use a writing style that is comfortable for you.  Remember, the purpose of this exercise is to introduce yourself to the rest of class.  Let your personality “shine” through your writing.  Please do not feel obligated to share very personal information, however, if you were to introduce yourself to classmates in a face to face class, what would you offer?

  • Personal: What is your name?  How old are you? Where are you from? What do you do for fun?  What are your leisure interests?  Have you accomplished something for which you are very proud?  Can you share with us the essence of you?
  • Career: Are you working?  If so, in what capacity? What is your major and career objective? How does this course factor into your major or career?  What do you hope to learn about business?
  • Learning Style: Describe your “worst” learning experience (please be sure not to reveal any “specifics” such as names of instructors).  Describe your “best” learning experience.  Why were these the “worst” or the “best”?  What are your strengths and weaknesses as a learner?
  • Motivation: What motivates you?  How do you stay excited about school, work or play?  If you encounter difficulty throughout the semester, how can I “motivate” you?
  • Teamwork: Have you worked in a team environment?  Virtual team environment?  What are your strengths as a team player?  What qualities do you expect from other team members?
  • Technology: Describe your comfort level with computer technology and working “on-line”.  What usually interests you about the WWW?  Why do you access it?  What are your favorite websites?  Why? Have you used the WWW for other courses?

Last Updated: 2/18/19