KEY TO DOING WELL IN LAB  ..... spend extra time in the lab !    


                The material is not hard, but there is a lot to learn, so be prepared to devote time to it.  Spend

                the extra time in the lab.  One hour of focused time in the lab is worth more than 3 hours of looking

                at pictures and doing online practice.  It is very hard to visualize a three-dimensional structure from

                all angles using two-dimensional pictures.  If you study mostly from pictures, you will find it very

                difficult if not impossible to recognize structures on a practical exam. 






           The anatomy laboratories are designed to help you:

            -   visualize what we discuss in lecture

            -   identify structures using correct anatomical terminology 

            -   follow detailed written instructions for lab identifications

                        -   try different strategies for learning large amounts of material

            -   work as part of a team


In order to learn anatomy, you will need to develop strategies for remembering and understanding

large amounts of information.   The goal is for you to become confident about your ability to learn

on your own by the time you leave anatomy.  The laboratory is a very good place to practice.





         Gray  Laboratory attendance is mandatory. If you must miss a lab, you are expected to

          make up the missed work by attending an alternate lab section with  permission of the

                      lab instructor.  Excessive lab swapping is not permitted. 


              Gray  You are expected to read through the material to be covered in lab before coming to the lab. 


              Gray   There is a pre-lab (can only be taken before the lab) quiz on Blackboard for every anatomy lab

                      except practicals.


  Gray  You will be told when you are going to have a quiz in lab.  There are no make-up

         quizzes but the lowest lab quiz will be dropped.


  Gray  No make-up practical exams are possible once the practical has been taken down.





                     30%    practical exams,  3 @ 10% each

                     10%    quizzes and muscle assignments



                   You must earn a passing grade in the laboratory to pass the course.   






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Last Updated: 3/18/19