I   Lymphatic System Overview

            A.  Functions

                        1.  cardiovascular assistance

                        2.  immune role

                        3.  transport of fats from small intestine to veins


II  Cardiovascular assistance

            A.  Pathway of fluid return from tissues to blood

                        1.  lymphatic capillaries �> vessels �> trunks �>  collecting ducts �> subclavian veins  

                                    a.  right lymphatic duct

                                    b.  thoracic duct

             B.  Vessel structure

                        1.  lymph capillaries

                                    a.  one-way permeability

                        2.  vessels, trunks, ducts

                                    a.  vein-like, thin-walled, valves

            C.  Movement of lymph

                        1.  mechanisms

                        2.  blockage


III   Immune role

            A.  Primary lymph organs

                        1.  red marrow

                        2.  thymus

            B.  Secondary lymph organs

                        1.  lymph nodes

                                    a.  role

                                    b.  structure

                                    c.  disease

                      2.  spleen

                      3.  lymphatic nodules

                                    a.  tonsils   

                                    b.  Peyer�s patches (ileum)

                                    c.  in appendix


IV   Fat Transport

            A.  Lacteals (see digestive system)


At the end of this unit you are expected to be able to:

    - state the three major functions of the lymphatic system

    - list the structures the lymph passes through from the lymphatic capillaries to the subclavian veins

    - compare the right lymphatic duct and thoracic duct

    - explain how the lymphatic vessels are able to remove fluid from the tissues

    - explain how the lymphatic system is able to effect blood volume and blood pressure

    - describe the forces which propel lymph forward through the lymph vessels

    - describe the structure of a lymph node and explain how this structure fits the immune role of the lymph node

    - describe one difference between an infected lymph node and a cancerous node

    - list three larger lymphatic organs and their general function

    - compare lymph node and lymph nodule (structure, function, location)

    - describe the location and functioning of a lacteal 


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