1)  TERMINOLOGY:     You are responsible for learning the terminology covered in Lab #1.

                                                You will have a quiz on terminology during the next lab.                               

                                               (there is a video on reserve in the library, by Dr Royal and Wendy Pelto, demonstrating most of the terminology)



          2)  SAFETY:    You are responsible for learning lab safety rules, including how to find out safety information about a chemical. 

                               You are responsible for taking an online safety quiz before you enter your next anatomy lab.    




            How to learn about lab safety:

                To begin, click on to Laboratory Safety Policies  (on the CCRI web site).  You may print out a copy.  Read and learn.


                Then you get to research the safety of a chemical substance by using an SDS, Safety Data Sheet

                   -  click on to www.osha.gov to learn what information is found on these safety data sheets. 

                   -  a chemical we use in the lab is 70% denatured ethanol

                   -  find an SDS for this chemical (available from any company selling the chemical) by going to www.carolina.com 

                   -  click on tab containing (M)SDS then click on sidebar tab labeled (M)SDS

                   -  search by first letter to find ethanol, denatured, 70%  

                   -  click on it to view the SDS (you may want to print out a copy of it to answer questions on the safety quiz)



            How to take the online safety quiz:   

                  When you have learned the above information, you are ready to go to Blackboard (found on CCRI web site) for an online safety quiz. 

                  You must earn 100% on this quiz to continue in future anatomy laboratories.  The quiz can be taken as many times as necessary, your

                      highest score will be saved.   




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Last Updated: 2/11/19