Instructor:                          Karen Montgomery    


Class Meeting:                    tues & thurs 8:30-9:45 am    room 2166         


Contact information:            email: (best way to reach me)

                                            office:   Flanagan campus, rm 1357

                                            office phone:   333-7296

                                            department secretary: Lori Nacci, 333-7188


Office hours:                      Mon and Wed      10 - 12  and 2:30-3:30

                                       Additional hours can be arranged by appointment





This course introduces students to the principles of human anatomy and physiology.

It covers the basic information necessary for a general understanding of the structures

of the human body and their functioning.  The relationship between structure and

function is emphasized.


At the end of the semester you are expected to be able to:

     * use and understand basic anatomical and physiologic terminology

     * identify anatomical structures using illustrations, position in the body, and morphology

     * explain basic biochemical processes occurring at the cellular level

     * describe the relationship between anatomical structure and function in the cell, in various

            organs, and within systems

    *  explain the concept of homeostasis and the mechanisms organ systems use to maintain homeostasis

    *  interpret diagrams and graphically represented material

    *  use a variety of learning techniques and demonstrate good study skills

    *  demonstrate critical thinking by applying knowledge to clinical situations



Attendance is mandatory at all lectures.

Cell phones must be turned off during lecture, lecture may not be videotaped.

Before coming to lecture, you are expected to know which topics will be covered. 

Quizzes cannot be made up. The lowest quiz will be dropped.

You are responsible for all the material presented in class, regardless of absence.

You will be tested on the material covered in lecture.  The text is intended to help you

          understand the lecture material more thoroughly.  You will NOT be tested on material

          in the text that we have not covered in the lecture unless I specifically assign it

Make-up tests for lecture will be given only if you provide a medical excuse.

Make-up tests must be taken before the next scheduled test. 

Final exams are cumulative and will not be given prior to the scheduled examination.

If you have a disability and need accommodations, please come to see me during the first

               week of class, so that I can be helpful from the very beginning.

Any student involved in cheating or plagiarism will be reported to the Dean of Students

                and may be suspended or expelled from CCRI.

In addition, you are responsible for following the policies set forth in the Student Handbook  

                and the college catalog



 quizzes and assignments (averaged)       25%         ( .25 x average for all quizzes      =            pts)

 tests (4 @ 15% each)                             60%         ( .60 x average for all 3 tests     =            pts)

 final exam (cumulative)                         +15%         ( .15 x final exam grade              =            pts)      

                                                               100%                                                      total

        94 - 100    A                                  
          90 -  93    A-
          87 -  89    B+
          84 -  86    B
          80 -  83    B-
          77 -  79    C+
          70 -  76    C
          67 -  69    D+
          60 -  66    D
          59 or below  F



TEXTS  book and glasses.gif   Text: Mader's Human Anatomy & Physiology, 9th Longenbaker, 2016

                                          ISBN: 978007340366

Last Updated: 7/22/19