I   Skin

             A.  Organ

             B.  Regions

                    1.  epidermis (epithelial tissue)

                            a.  characteristics

                            b. layers

                                    1.  stratum germinativum

                                                a.  keratinocytes

                                                b.  melanocytes

                                    2.  stratum corneum

                    2.  dermis (connective tissue)

                            a.  characteristics


        II   Hypodermis

             A.  Composition

             B.  Function


        III   Integumentary System

             A.  Definition

             B.  Appendages

                    1.  Hair

                    2.  Nails

                    3.  Glands

                            a.  sebaceous (oil)     

                            b.  sudoriferous (sweat)

                                    1.  eccrine

                                    2.  apocrine                             


       IV   Functions  



        V   Skin cancer                                                                               

            A.  Basal cell carcinoma

            B.  Malignant melanoma   (ABCDE  rule) * 






    By the end of this unit, you should be able to:


-  draw and label the basic layers of the skin

-  describe the structure and function of the stratum germinativum

-  describe the structure and function of the stratum corneum

-  discuss the role of melanocytes

-  state the role of Langerhans cells

-  identify structures in the dermis

-  compare and contrast epidermis and dermis

-  contrast the skin and integumentary system

-  compare sebaceous and sudoriferous glands

-  compare eccrine and apocrine glands

-  describe the structures and explain the mechanisms the skin uses to regulate body temperature

-  explain the relationship between cholesterol in the skin and vitamin D

-  identify the characteristics of malignant melanoma (ABCDE rule)

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