About the Advanced Manufacturing Machining Certificate

The Advanced Manufacturing Machining certificate prepares students to develop the knowledge and skills for advanced manufacturing machining through extensive hands-on experience with manual, conversational and CNC machines. Students will be prepared to read blueprints, select the appropriate machining technology and produce a unit while meeting the design specifications.

An emphasis will be placed on safe and efficient setup and operation of industrial grade machining equipment. Many employment opportunities will be available to students who have all the skills and knowledge associated with CNC and rapid prototyping technology. The program has been designed to provide the student with extensive hands-on laboratory experience, utilizing a recently updated laboratory.

While developing CNC-related skills and knowledge, the certificate will maximize the skills advocated by a manufacturing advisory board. It can be completed part time in one year and full time in a summer session and one semester. All credits can be applied to the Associate in Science Degree in Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

Professors in Program

Ed Hanrahan 
Knight Campus 
Room 2188 
Tel: 401-825-2227

Raymond Ankrom 
Knight Campus 
Room 0102 
Tel: 401-825-2230

Last Updated: 2/21/19