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Faculty/Staff Resources

Student Civility and Conduct

"All students have the right to pursue higher education in a safe atmosphere, and to have the freedom to express opinions, beliefs and attitudes." (Taken from the CCRI Student Handbook)

The Community College of Rhode Island expects its students, faculty and staff to build and maintain a culture of civility, respect and safety. These behavioral cornerstones support the mission of the college and provide a framework within which all other college activities take place. We are all expected to treat one another with respect through our greetings, our language and our appearance. We exhibit civility through our language, our attitudes, and our values and beliefs. We contribute to one another's safety through our carefully thought-out actions and words.

The Dean of Students Office at the Community College of Rhode Island supports the College’s mission by backing community standards, academic integrity and student civility.  The Dean regulates the Student Code of Conduct and educates faculty, staff and students about student rights and responsibilities.

The Dean of Students Office receives alleged conduct violations and will notify the student that a complaint has been filed. See How Complaints Against Students are Handled

The Student Handbook contains policies, procedures and expectations relevant to student civility and conduct. It outlines your responsibilities as a student and the college’s responsibility to provide you and your peers with a safe educational environment that is conducive to learning and personal development for all.

Last Updated: 8/8/17