Radiography for Podiatry Assistants

This course is designed for individuals with a background or current employment in podiatric medicine interested in developing or maintaining diagnostic imaging skills. Students will lean the basic principles of radiographic imaging for podiatric patients including anatomy, exposure selection, radiation protection, image processing and evaluation. In the x-ray lab, students will have the opportunity to experience a digital imaging system as they expose and critique practice images.

This is a 20-hour course designed to educate podiatric assistants in the basic fundamentals of radiographic imaging. Successful completion meets the Rhode Island Department of Health requirements for podiatric assistants who take radiographs.

For specific questions regarding this course contact Patricia Lucas in the Radiography Program (

$324 + $5 non-refundable registration fee

Tue, 6-8p.m., Jan 23 - Mar 27, 2018, Lincoln

Registration Deadline: Friday, January 12, 2018

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