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Reiki First-Degree Workshop

Reiki [“ray-key”] is an ancient system of natural healing. In Japanese, Reiki means “universal life force energy” and is a holistic, hands-on healing system that touches on all levels: body, mind, emotion and spirit. Reiki is gentle and noninvasive. It enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself and is a powerful way to relieve stress and promote wellness. These gentle techniques address imbalances within our body, mind and emotional systems, helping us to rebalance and create wellness. Because it is “universal,” Reiki is for everyone. All one needs is the desire to learn, an open mind, the commitment to practice and instruction and attunements by a Reiki master teacher.

In this workshop students will:

  • Understand the meaning and history of Reiki.
  • Learn and demonstrate a Reiki I self-treatment.
  • Receive an attunement which enables us to access universal life force energy easily and consistently.
  • Participate in a guided meditation.
  • Learn different techniques to locate, perceive and move energy.
  • Explore our individual strengths as healers.
  • Scan the body for energy changes.
  • Learn about the body’s seven major energy centers.
  • Understand the importance of being grounded and protected, and principals for directing energy.

Students are required to bring a pillow and blanket, a bag lunch, snack, plenty of water and a pen or a pencil. Maximum of six students.

Please see our CWCE Brochure for course details.  


Laura Maie Whitaker, A Reiki Master/Teacher trained in both the USUI, TERA MAI, and THERAPUTIC TOUCH systems of healing. In addition to teaching Reiki Laura is a registered nurse who works with special needs children. Additionally, Ms. Whitaker is trained in Cranio Sacral Therapy by the Upledger Institute, and encorporates alternative therapies such as Bio Magnets, Light Life Tools, Dowsing, Pendulum and Crystals in her healing practice.

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