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Step by Step MS Word

This course will teach you how to use Microsoft Word step by step. Topics include how to enter, select, insert, delete, move, copy, paste and format text. You will learn how to create, format, edit, save and print a document. Also how to open, save and set up a document. Instruction on how to set up your directory by creating folders and organizing your files within the folders is included. Other topics include creating an envelope, label and table, using dialog boxes, spell check, clip art, Microsoft Wizard, Microsoft help, borders, find and replace, paint, auto format, header and footer, bullets and numbers and how to print all or part of a document. Many handouts will be provided.

Dates and times will be available soon. 

How to Work with Excel

In this entry-level course, you will learn the basics of using an Excel worksheet. You will learn how to enter and replace data, edit and format cells, columns and rows, enter and edit simple formulas and print the worksheet. Basic knowledge of using computer software is helpful. This is a hands-on class. Handouts will be provided.

Dates and times will be available soon. 



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