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AchieveGlobal is an internationally recognized supplier of modular skill-based training systems focused on achieving optimal performance through organizational change. AchieveGlobal has worked with over 3,000 public and private sector organizations worldwide in virtually every area.

What sets AchieveGlobal apart from other training? AchieveGlobal’s philosophy is to provide results-oriented training utilizing the behavior modeling methodology, a proven learning process stressing realistic examples, discussion, practice, feedback, and planning. Major research findings conclude that training not only creates long-term changes in job performance, but that job performance actually improves over time.

Training systems are available for employees at virtually every organizational level. Training systems are also flexibly designed to provide the maximum opportunity for customization in order to best meet your organization’s specific needs.

Through their EED partnership, AchieveGlobal now provides small and medium sized businesses with the same high quality, customized training programs once affordable only to Fortune 500 organizations. The Community College of Rhode Island’s Institute for Leadership and Organizational Development is proud to be the Rhode Island provider of these distinctive services.


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Last Updated: 8/24/16