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Plumbing Apprenticeship Program

This program of study satisfies the state requirement for plumbers’ apprentice educational hours. Students should register for the course that corresponds with their year of apprenticeship. Courses are designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge to progress through the four-year apprenticeship and help prepare students to pass the state licensing examination.

This program is approved by the State Apprenticeship Council of the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training. Classes include reading assignments and written tests. Attendance is strictly enforced and make-up classes are limited.

The courses include the following areas of study:

Plumbing I - The next class will begin Fall 2015.

• Introduction to plumbing • fixtures and faucets • plumbing drawings • plumbing math • plastic pipe and fittings • introduction to drain, waste and vent systems • distribution systems • copper pipe and fittings • cast iron pipe and fittings

Plumbing II - The next class will begin Fall 2015.

• Installing water heaters • installing DWV piping • installing water supply piping • installing fixtures, valves and faucets • servicing fixtures, valves and faucets • installing roof, floor and area drains • types of valves • plumbing math • commercial drawings • fuel gas systems

Plumbing III - The next class will begin Fall 2015.

• Backflow preventers • indirection and special waste • servicing piping systems, fixtures and appliances • sewage pumps and sump pumps • water pressure boosters and recirculating systems
• sizing water supply piping • types of venting and proper application • applied math • codes

Plumbing IV - The next class will begin Fall 2015.

• Private water supply systems • water supply treatment • compressed air • plumbing for mobile homes and mobile home parks • swimming pools and hot tubs • locating buried water and sewer lines • sizing DWV and storm systems • corrosive-resistant waste piping • hydronic and solar heating systems • business math for plumbers

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