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Jane King
Program Coordinator

RI Department of Health
Rhode Island Lead Regulations

Environmental Safety Training

Lead Abatement classes are for individuals engaged in construction, demolition, and renovation who plan on working in environments where lead may be present. These classes lead to State certification and/or licensure and are geared toward teaching students proper safety procedures so that environmental contamination is minimized and avoided.

Lead Abatement Worker & Supervisor Training

These two State licensed occupations require 24 and 40 hours of training respectively and are for those who will primarily work in environments that have been cited as being in violation of RI Department of Health Regulations. Students learn the basics of safety procedures in the removal, demolition, renovation, enclosure and encapsulation of lead products. The primary emphasis is to remove the causes of childhood lead poisoning.

** Lead Worker classes are offered in Spanish as well.

Lead Abatement Worker Training (English and Spanish)

Twenty-four hours of instruction and a passing grade of 70% on the final course exam will certify your eligibility for a permanent lead abatement worker license.

English version can be scheduled upon demand, contact (401) 455-6188 for details.

Lead Abatement Supervisor/Contractor Training

Forty hours of instruction and a passing grade of 70% on the final course exam certify your eligibility to take the State Lead Exam for a permanent lead abatement supervisor/contractor license.

Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Training

This course is accredited by both the EPA and the R.I. Department of Health. This course is approved for purposes of certification under Section 402 of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

In April 2010, EPA began requiring that firms performing renovation, repair and painting projects that disturb lead-based paint in pre-1978 homes, child care facilities and schools be certified by EPA. These firms must use certified renovators who are trained by EPA approved training providers to follow leadsafe work practices. Individuals can become certified renovators by taking this eight-hour course. Students will learn how to comply with EPA's rule and how to perform lead-safe work practices.

*Certificates of completion are required to include a photo of the certified renovator/ remodeler. Students must submit a digital head shot photo via email to

Lead Inspector Training

This 40-hour training class is geared toward those seeking certification and licensure as Lead Inspectors. The class and State test for Inspector emphasize theory and field practice.

After completion of the Lead Inspector course, students must pass a State test in order to receive licensure as a Lead Inspector Technician. In order to obtain licensure as a Lead Inspector, a technician must work under the supervision of an already licensed Lead Inspector to complete a required number of hours of training. This depends on the candidate’s education. Please refer to the DOH Regulations for specifics. This is akin to an apprenticeship.

Lead Abatement Annual Review

Satisfy the requirement to renew your license, if you are a lead abatement worker, supervisor or inspector, by enrolling in one of the annual review classes below:

  • Lead Worker Annual Review (Spanish)
  • Lead Worker Annual Review (English)
  • Lead Supervisor/Contractor Annual Review
  • Lead Inspector Annual Review
  • Lead Mitigator Seminar
    • This training class is geared toward those homeowners, real estate professionals, and landlord representatives who must comply with the Lead Hazard Mitigation Act and RI Housing Resource Commission Regulations.

State Exams

State exams for Lead Worker, Lead Supervisor/Contractor and Lead Inspector are scheduled separately immediately following the conclusion of the course. The state exams include a written test and a practicum, and students must register for exams separately from their course registration. The fee for state exams is $35 for the written portion and $35 for the practicum, totaling $70.

Please see our CWCE Brochure for course details.

Customized programs are available for companies. Please contact 401.455.6188 for more information.

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