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CNA Program


CNA State Board Exam Information
This link will provide you with the necessary information for the RI NNAAP Exam. Nursing students should download or request candidate handbook.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

This program is WIA-approved [Learn more about the WIA]
This program is AST-approved [Learn more about AST]
The Demand for Certified Nursing Assistants in Rhode Island is Enormous!
What is a Nursing Assistant?

These paraprofessional members of the health care team provide personal and related health care assistance to individuals who are sick, disabled, dependent or residents of health care facilities. All individuals wishing to be employed as a nursing assistant or home health aide in Rhode Island must complete an approved nursing assistant training course.

How long is the program?

We offer a diverse schedule of classes that will enable you to accomplish your goal in seven to twelve weeks, depending on the schedule. Classes are held on a variety of days and times, including evenings, as follows:

  • Days - 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday to Thursday, seven weeks, Lincoln
  • Afternoons - 1 to 5 p.m., Monday to Thursday, seven weeks, Lincoln
  • Evenings - 5 to 9 p.m., three nights per week, twelve weeks, Warwick and Lincoln
When is the next class?


We do not schedule classes in advance. Day classes typically begin every 8 weeks and evening classes every 12 weeks. Students will be invited to register for a class of their choice as classes are formed. You will be notified of registration dates two weeks prior to the start of class.

What is covered in the training?

The program consists of 124 hours of training – 92 hours of classroom and laboratory learning as well as 32 hours of clinical training in a nursing facility. Topics covered include basic nursing skills, resident's rights, vital signs, social services, basic rehabilitative services, personal care skills, and safety and emergency procedures.

How do I enroll?

If you are interested in the CNA program, your first step is to register for one of the following dates to take the CNA pre-test. The pre-test MUST be taken prior to registering for the CNA program. (Note: If you are a Rhode Island Works recipient, you must contact the REACH Office prior to enrollment.)

CNA Pre-test Dates
$25 (no registration fee applies)

50624 CNAT-1000-161, Thursday, 2 p.m., May 26, Lincoln

50625 CNAT-1000-162, Tuesday, 2 p.m., June 7, Lincoln

50626 CNAT-1000-163, Thursday, 2 p.m., June 23, Lincoln

60237 CNAT-1000-150, Thursday, 2 p.m., July 7, Lincoln

60238 CNAT-1000-151, Thursday, 2 p.m., July 21, Lincoln

60239 CNAT-1000-152, Thursday, 2 p.m., August 4, Lincoln

60240 CNAT-1000-153, Tuesday, 2 p.m., August 16, Lincoln

60241 CNAT-1000-154, Thursday, 2 p.m., September 1, Lincoln

60242 CNAT-1000-155, Tuesday, 2 p.m., September 13, Lincoln

60243 CNAT-1000-156, Thursday, 2 p.m., September 29, Lincoln

60244 CNAT-1000-157, Tuesday, 2 p.m., October 11, Lincoln

60245 CNAT-1000-158, Thursday, 2 p.m., October 27, Lincoln

60246 CNAT-1000-159, Thursday, 2 p.m., November 10, Lincoln

60247 CNAT-1000-160, Tuesday, 2 p.m., November 22, Lincoln

60248 CNAT-1000-161, Tuesday, 2 p.m., December 6, Lincoln

60249 CNAT-1000-162, Thursday, 2 p.m., December 22, Lincoln

Learn how to register...

On the day of the pretest, you must present acceptable identification. An acceptable identification must include your name, photograph and signature. Examples of proper identification include: a current valid photo driver's license, signature-bearing Social Security card, signature-bearing credit card, signature-bearing library card, state-issued identification card, passport and alien registration card. Passport cards are not acceptable, photocopies of identification are not acceptable, and birth certificates are not acceptable.

The CNA pretest consists of a reading comprehension and general health questions. You are allowed 1 hr. and 15 min. to complete both sections. You may only take the pretest twice. If a passing score is achieved, you will be given a CCRI program application and an immunization form that must be completed by your physician or health care provider. Additionally, a Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) from the RI Attorney General's Office is required. Once these documents have been received by the CNA office, students will be invited to register for a class of their choice as classes are formed. You will be notified of registration dates two weeks prior to the start of class. CPR certification must be attained prior to entering the clinical portion of the program. CPR Certification must be Healthcare Provider level by the American Heart Association.

If you do not pass the pretest on the first try, you may take it one more time. If you do not pass the test on the 2nd try, you must enroll in CCRI's Open Entry/Open Exit pre CNA program. Upon successful completion of the Pre CNA program you will be referred directly into the next CNA training program class. [For more information about the Open Entry/Open Exit pre CNA]

CNA Training Program

This RI Department of Health approved course trains students to provide basic, routine, nursing related services to individuals in various health care settings. The program includes live classroom lecture, hands-on lab sessions and 32 hours of clinical training in a nursing facility. Tuition for the program is payable upon acceptance ($850 + $5 non-refundable registration fee). A textbook, workbook, CD, stethoscope, and a blood pressure cuff is included in the cost of the program, but please note that the state licensing fee is not. Financial aid assistance is not available for this noncredit course.

Upon successful completion of the training program, we will schedule you to take the RI State Licensing Boards in our fully equipped state-of-the-art testing center.

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