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Computer Studies

Faculty & Staff Listings

Full-Time Faculty and Staff
Name Web Phone E-mail
Karen Allen   825-2199
Anthony Basilico   825-2199
Debbie Grande   333-7139
Margaret Burke   825-2058
Kay Johnson   825-2058
Mike Kelly, Chairperson   825-2056
Donald Paquet   825-2161
Donna Scattone   825-2155
Sandra Sneesby   825-2063
Christopher Thibeault   851-2161

Adjunct Faculty
Name Web Phone E-mail
Christine Alterio
Lorraine Bello
Gene Bessacini
Lynn Bloomer
Alessandra Borges
Glenn Browning
Katy Cabral
Manny Correia   825-1143
Kevin Crawford   825-1149
Robert Defelice
Claire Dumas
Daniel Dvorak
Mirrah Feleciano
Cheryl Fenner
Felix Fontes
Tracy Furtado
Kent Gates   825-1114
Gene Grande   333-7031
Michael Izzo
Jason Kayarian
Thomas Kelly
James Kirby   825-1178
Robert LaBanca
Gina Laudone
Nicola LaManna
Joseph Lanni
William LeBlanc   825-2225
Charles Lehourites
Dawn Lewis   825-1160
Anthony Lisa
James Mann
Marty Marshall
Justin Mazzarese
Michael McNally   825-2412
Thomas Mitchell
Karen Previte
Wade Price
Jeffry Rand
Jim Stravato   825-2020
Katharine Taylor
Bortie Teh   825-2415
Patricia White
Eileen Zisk

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