Teaching Tips

Until 2013, these Teaching Tips came from the Teaching Issues Writing Consortium which was hosted by the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching (FaCET) at Western Kentucky University. In June 2013, Valerie Lopes of Seneca College and Fran Glazer of the New York Institute of Technology volunteered to gather and prepare the collection.

If you have a tip that you’d like to share, please send it to Jeanne Mullaney (jmullaney@ccri.edu) so that we can forward it to the consortium and continue to receive tips from faculty in institutions all over the United States.

To receive future Teaching Tips by email along with future CITLA events, please send an email to citla@ccri.edu.

March 2017 -  Teaching Higher Levels of Learning at the End of the Semester -  Notes on Teaching and Learning
October 2014, Issue #21  Assignment Planning Guide and Questions
September 2014, Issue #20  Design Motivating Courses
July/August 2014, Issue #19  Dee Fink's Model
June 2014, Issue #18  Teaching Evening Classes
May 2014, Issue #17  Not Just Fun and Games
April 2014, Issue #16   Use Powerpoint to Prompt Engaging Learning Activities
March 2014, Issue #15  Developing Student Reading Capacity
February 2014, Issue #14   Short Video Guides for Students on Effective Study Strategies
December 2013, Issue #13  » Primer on Critical Thinking
November 2013, Issue #12  » TED Resources
October 2013, Issue #11  » Student Engagement Techniques: Silent Discussion
September 2013, Issue #10 » Identifying Student Learning Factors” by Ken Sagendorf, Ph.D..
April 2013, Issue #7 » Help Students Develop Paraphrasing Skills to Help Deter Plagiarism
March 2013, Issue #6  » To Post or Not to Post: What Are the Consequences of Posting PowerPoint Slides for Student Learning?
January 2013, Issue #5 » Goals for First Day of Class
December 2012, Issue #4 » The Power of Metaphors
November 2012, Issue #3 » Mid-term Course Evaluation: Making Use of Formative Assessment
October 2012, Issue #2 » Collaborative Teaching & Learning Activity
September 2012, Issue #1 » Use an Annotated Syllabus to Track Your Thinking About Course Design Issues

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