Community College of Rhode Island

Values Questionnaire

The following lists some values that people look for in a job to help bring about job satisfaction. Values represent personal standards of what is important to you. Look over the following list and rank each value 4-Very important, 3-Reasonably important, 2-Not very important, or 1-Not important at all.
JOB SECURITY- having a steady job from which you are unlikely to be fired
PRESTIGE- having a job that gives you a great deal of status and respect.
GOOD SALARY- being very well paid for the work that you do.
HIGH ACHIEVEMENT- being able to do things of importance or to succeed at job that is difficult.
ROUTINE ACTIVITY- work that is uncomplicated and organized with some tasks repeated over and over.
VARIETY-DIVERSION- having the chance to do many different things and not do boring work.
CREATIVITY- having a job where you can use your imagination and are inventive.
WORKING WITH YOUR MIND- work that offers intellectual stimulation and allows use of your mental capabilities.
INDEPENDENCE- work that lets you be your own boss, follow your own convictions, and do the job the way you want without someone watching over.
WORKING WITH PEOPLE- working in close contact with people, being able to comfort and assist others through your work.
LEADERSHIP- being responsible for and directing the work of others, making decisions affecting others, and managing.
PHYSICAL ACTIVITY- work that calls for moving about and using physical strength.
WORK UNDER SUPERVISION- working under the direction of others, being told what to do.
WORK WITH YOUR HANDS- having a job where you can use your hands, machines, or tools to make or repair things.
LEISURE- short hours, long vacations, determine own time off.
JOB INTEREST- work in a field that interest and excites you.
When finished, please print out this page and list below the 4 top ranked values that will be most important to you in your career.
  1. ____________________________________
  2. ____________________________________
  3. ____________________________________
  4. ____________________________________
Last Updated: 1/20/12