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Think of 4 or 5 activities that you consider Achievements or Accomplishments in your life. The emphasis should be upon events that represent a sense of accomplishment to you and that you feel very good about. Do not be concerned about whether the achievements meet a standard of excellence compared to other people. When you have your 4 or 5, fill them in the Achievements column of the table below.


What particular qualities or skills do you possess that enabled you to accomplish these activities? Every task requires that a person have certain abilities to get the job done. Use the following examples as a guide to describe the underlying abilities you exhibited in order to do complete your personal achievements. For each Achievement, list the Abilities/Skills in the appropriate column of the table below.

Please fill in the table with your 4 or 5 achievements, and the abilities/skills needed to attain them.
 AchievementAbilities/Skills Utilized
Achievement #1
Achievement #2
Achievement #3
Achievement #4
Achievement #5
When finished, please print out this page and list below 4 or 5 abilities or personal qualities you would like to incorporate in the work that you hope to do?
  1. ____________________________________
  2. ____________________________________
  3. ____________________________________
  4. ____________________________________
  5. ____________________________________

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