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Career Development

click to learn moreAbout Career Development - Career Development is a lifelong process of personal/professional growth and skill building. It prepares you to research information, build decision-making skills, strategically plan a path to a goal, and become resourceful and flexible in the face of inevitable work world changes. [Learn more on career development]

Click to learn more.About Self-Exploration - The process of Self-Exploration helps you identify personal qualities that describe who you are and likewise influence the choices you make, particularly in reference to career decisions and choice of major. Knowledge of one's self is essential information, it is the foundation of decision-making. [Learn more on self-exploration]

Contact Information

Camille Numrich 
Program Director
Knight Campus
Room#: 1028
Tel: (401) 825-2307
Fax: (401) 825-1148

Barbara Porrazzo 
Liston Campus M, W, F
Room#: 2221
Tel: (401) 455-6055
Flanagan Campus T, TH
Room#: 2321
Tel: (401) 333-7254

Sharon Siedliski
Career Adviser
Knight Campus
Room#: 1012
Tel: (401) 825-1070

Jackie Russell
Web Content Manager

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Last Updated: 5/24/17