Biotechnology Certificate Program

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The Biotechnology Certificate Program prepares students for entry into the biomanufacturing industry in a little over a year, with an emphasis on the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this emerging field. Students receive hands-on instruction designed for individuals at all levels of workplace experience and education. Students earning the certificate will be qualified for many entry level positions, and those with prior experience and/or education can use the certificate as a bridge to more advanced positions.


The program includes courses in biotechnology, microbiology, chemical technology, and instrumentation. Coursework is designed to mirror many of the concepts and techniques utilized in biotechnology and related industries. Students will be trained in laboratory and math skills, working with DNA and protein, upstream and downstream processing, aseptic technique, gowning, documentation, GMP standards and FDA regulations. In addition, students may expect access to industry professionals through classroom speakers, manufacturing facility tours, industry seminars, and professional networking.


Students may choose to complete just the certificate or apply their earned credits towards the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree. This aspect of the program is appealing to students seeking employment now and then wishing to return later to complete their education. Please contact the program coordinator for more information or questions about the program.


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