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Lady Knights go 5-1 at NHTI Tournament!


Cadavid-PalacioPaula Cadavid-Palacio - photo taken by Dan Aurelio

The CCRI Lady Knights volleyball team traveled to Concord, NH to compete in the New Hampshire Technical Institute Invitational on Saturday.  The Lady Knights went 5-1.  CCRI defeated NHTI 2-0, Paul Smith College 2-0, UMass Amherst 2-1, University of Maine-Machias 2-0 and Word of Life Bible School 2-0 before falling to Springfield JV in the finals 0-2. With the 5-1 weekend record the Lady Knights improve to 21-5 on the season.    

Match 1: CCRI defeats NTHI 25-21 and 25-17

In the first match of the day the Lady Knights played very hard. Annie Ragan (North Kingstown, RI) led the team with 10 kills. Ragan was a force in the front row and was able to put the ball away when we needed it the most.  Head Coach Samantha Reyes started the rotation a little differently this weekend with Paula Cadavid-Palacio (Lincoln, RI) serving. Paula has shown her ability to spot serve and finding the weakest passer on the opponent. She registered four aces versus NHTI while staying on the back line for 11 serves, showing her consistency and her ability to serve teams off the court.

Match 2: CCRI defeats Paul Smith College 25-5 and 25-7

The second match was all about serving the ball hard and keeping it in play. The Lady Knights showed no mercy when it came to winning this game.  Annie Ragan had five aces in nine serving attempts adding eight kills. Paula Cadavid Palacio stayed on the service line 14 times for serving with four aces and three kills.  Coach Reyes commented “My middles played great this weekend! They were determined to show people that middles should be feared as well as those from the outside. Alanna Perry (Taunton, MA) played well in the front row blocking as much as she could and being as loud as she could. It was good to see all the hard work that these middles put in practice learning how to transition. The foot work and timing all came together this weekend.  Stephanie Jeffries (Providence, RI) had four kills in the front row and 1.5 blocks. She was fast, motivated, and smart while playing this weekend.”

Match 3 CCRI defeats UMass-Amherst 25-17, 18-25 and 15-6

UMass-Amherst is a very strong team with very smart strategic plays and players. “Our girls knew that they wanted to win against this team to prove that they could out smart and out play a team like theirs.” commented Coach Reyes. In the first game the Lady Knights were great, they were loud, moving, and playing hard and smart.  Tri-Captain Samantha Niquette (Coventry, RI) and Palacio both had three kills that game. Niquette has moved to right side hitter and is learning how to play a completely new roll. Coach Reyes added “That transition can get frustrating for a player to be consistently corrected and told where to move, how to move and when to move. Samantha didn’t let that get to her at all she played hard every game and was determined to be a force in the front row.” 

After losing the second game the girls were fired up to win returning to court playing twice as hard and with more passion. They were led by Annie Ragan once again with 12 kills and two aces followed by Paula who had five kills and an ace while Tri-Captain Karla Santizo (Warwick, RI) made sure that ball didn’t touch the ground with 18 digs and an ace.  In addition, the middles again played great with Alanna Perry having 3.5 blocks and four kills and Stephanie Jeffries with 2.5 blocks and a kill in the front row.

Match 4: CCRI defeats University of Maine-Machias 25-20 and 25-16

The University of Maine-Machias (UMM) was a very fast team. They got everything up and were very scrappy and tenacious. This can be frustrating for a hitter to hit a ball so hard and have a team pick it up like nothing ever happened.  This was a tiring game and the rallies would last a minute or two. CCRI didn’t give up and pushed through the pain, the exhaustion and came back to win both games. Annie and Paula led the team in kills with a combined 12 kills and four aces. Coach Reyes commented “These girls were my finishers this weekend. Also Tri-Captain Courtney Piccirillo (Harmony, RI) played hard as well getting us 14 assists three aces and 11 digs. Courtney continues to grow as a setter every day.”

Match 5: CCRI defeats Word of Life Bible School 25-12 and 25-22

“The first and biggest mistake Word of Life made was that they didn’t block against us” said Coach ReyesRagan led the team with 10 kills while Palacio and Perry both added five kills apiece and an ace.   World of Life started to fight back a little and eventually added blocker but that could not stop The Lady Knights’ outside hitters from killing the ball.  While they were spiking, Karla Santizo protected them by not letting any balls drop that came near her with an impressive 19 digs. Coach Reyes added “Karla is another player that keeps getting better every day she plays.”

Tournament Finals: CCRI loses to Springfield College JV 21-25 and 18-25

This game was a difficult game to watch from the CCRI bench. Coach Reyes commented “We have battled with Springfield every time we have played them. This weekend Springfield just didn’t make as many mistakes as we did.  Even though we lost this game Paula Cadavid-Palacio really played hard with three kills, 10 digs, and two aces.

At the end of the Tournament Two Lady Knights: Paula Cadavid-Palacio and Annie Ragan were awarded All-Tournament honors. Coach Reyes added “They (Paula and Annie) earned it every game they played to their fullest, they led the teams in stats, and they led the team to victory in most of the matches. I was very proud of my outside hitters this weekend.”

The Lady Knights’ next match will be this Saturday October 8th when they travel to Nashua, NH to play Nashua Community College at 10:00am.

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Last Updated: 3/6/18