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Community College of Rhode Island

Digital Photography I

ARTS 1850 - 3 credits

Brian Kasckow<br />Fall 2012<br />Rebecca Clark   Chris Gilbert<br />Spring 2012<br />Rebecca Clark   G. Costa<br />Spring 2012<br />Rebecca Clark   Grace Rodrigues<br />Fall 2009<br />Rebecca Clark   Kore Chace<br />Spring 2012<br />Rebecca Clark   Lino Martinez<br />Spring 2012<br />Rebecca Clark   Raphael Rodriquez<br />Fall 2012<br />Rebecca Clark   Steven Tella<br />Fall 2012<br />Rebecca Clark  

This course is an introduction to the technique of digital photography and its use as a form of artistic expression and visual communication. The course will cover the operation and manipulation of digital cameras in order to capture images and image editing software in order to enhance, correct and manipulate those images.

Through demonstrations and assignments, a survey of work by contemporary artists, and a final portfolio, students will be introduced to the vocabulary, concepts, tools and aesthetic possibilities of digital photography. Students must own a 4 mega-pixel (or greater) digital camera with manual, program, aperture and shutter priority exposure modes.

Studio: 4 hours

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