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Digital Art

ARTS 1840 & ARTS 2840

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Digital Art I - ARTS 1840

The making of digital art at CCRI involves the student in the physical as well as aesthetical exploration of image development using electronic tools and digital photo editing programs (Adobe Photoshop) in Digital Art 1 and web design or animation programs (Dreamweaver or Flash) in Digital Art 2.  The emphasis of the CCRI digital art program is on developing the ability to generate images as well as understanding the visual and aesthetic attributes of what one generates.

Studio: 6 hours

Digital Art II - ARTS 2840

This integrative course extends principles of digital image-making to interactive, screen-based media. Using goal-oriented approaches for effective visual communication, students use web authoring software (Macromedia Dreamweaver) with image editing software to create new media artwork. The course investigates how design principles (color, contrast, sequence, visual rhythm, repetition, and visual identity) effect hypermedia and electronic communication.

Prerequisite: ARTS 1840 or permission of instructor.

Studio: 6 hours

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