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Two Dimensional Design

ARTS 1310 - 3 Credits

Lillibeth Leon<br />Fall 2012<br />Yvonne Leonard   Alexandra Gonzales<br />Fall 2012<br />Yvonne Leonard   Jennifer Reilly<br />Fall 2012<br />Yvonne Leonard   Sara Lawson<br />Fall 2012<br />Yvonne Leonard   Tyler Sutcliffe<br />Fall 2012<br />Yvonne Leonard  

Two Dimensional Design is one of the initial starting points for gaining an understanding of the basic principles and elements that apply to any field within art or design. The class is considered to be one of the primary foundation courses necessary for pursuing a career in art or design and is required for students pursuing an AFA in Art.

Assignments are generated to develop both a visual and verbal understanding of the principles of design while allowing the student to practice setting up visual problems and investigating possible solutions. Projects explore the way basic principle and elements may be put to use in applied designs including practice in communicating ideas and in the integration of concepts, materials, and techniques.

Studio: 6 hours

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