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Community College of Rhode Island

Advising and Counseling Staff Listing

Campus Locations: Knight: Warwick | Flanagan: Lincoln | Liston: Providence | Newport: Newport


Name Title Campus Telephone E-mail
Tanekar Alexander Student Development Counselor Knight 825-2301
Debra Alves Administrative Assistant Knight 825-2301
Tania Arriaran Technical Staff Assistant Knight 825-2404
Michael Basileo Student Development Counselor Knight 825-2301
Linda Benvenuti Coordinator Flanagan 333-7160
Millie Blessing Director, Advising & Counseling Flanagan 333-7160
Robert Cipolla Dean of Student Services Knight 825-2301
Lekecia Cox Advisor Flanagan 333-7108
Marian (Mimi) Fattore Student Development Counselor Flanagan 333-7160
Kyle Gamache Student Development Counselor Knight 825-2301
Jane Gilman Technical Staff Assistant Newport 851-1631
Anja Lee Student Development Counselor Liston 455-6063
Antoinette Littlejohn Counselor Knight 825-2301
Sylvain Loize Student Development Counselor Flanagan 333-7134
Jean Lovett Student Affairs/Student Life Flanagan 333-7159
Lisa Mallozzi Director, Advising & Counseling Knight 825-2301
Jason Moniz Student Development Counselor Liston 455-6135
Lucien Montaro Advisor Flanagan 333-7305
Kathi Moore Technical Staff Assistant Liston 455-6149
Lorraine Nacci Sr. Word Processing Typist Flanagan 333-7160
Elizabeth Parent Student Development Counselor Flanagan 333-7160
Wendy Parr Assistant Administrative Officer Knight 825-2221
Thomas Procaccini Counselor Flanagan 333-7302
Jen Restrepo Sr. Word Processing Typist Newport 851-1625
Miriam Santiago Student Development Counselor Newport 851-1635
Dr. Ronald Schertz Associate Vice President, Student Services Knight 825-2301
Arthur Sepe Student Development Counselor Newport 851-1634
Paula Staples (Interim) Director, Advising & Counseling Providence 455-6063
Mckayla Therrien Student Development Counselor Knight 825-2301
Billie Jane Valente Student Development Counselor Newport 851-1625
Jean Wiggins Counselor/Advisor Liston 455-6063

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