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This is what has inspired Rhode Island author and director Ricardo Pitts-Wiley to use stories, poetry and music to highlight the delicate and dangerous terrain that African-American men must navigate in their daily life. It is a life that is full of music, love and laughter set against a backdrop of daily struggles for survival, and it is a life that Pitts-Wiley wants to share with the Community College of Rhode Island.

CCRI President Meghan Hughes welcomes students, faculty, and staff back for the Spring semester and provides updates on college enrollment, leadership, and strategic initiatives to support student success.

Every year, thousands of students come to CCRI. Some know exactly what they want, and some are still unsure, but each student can benefit from a mentor who's been exactly where they are now. And students aren't the only ones who benefit. Think of mentoring as a gift you can give and receive in equal measure.

Regina Cobb, program director and associate professor of the Therapeutic Massage Program at the Community College of Rhode Island, is named national Teacher of the Year by the American Massage Therapy Association. The award is given annually to an instructor who demonstrates exceptional teaching abilities and a commitment to high standards of education.

The Community College of Rhode Island is the smart choice for higher education in New England. Whether you just graduated from high school, or are looking for new skills to enhance your current career, you'll find a place at CCRI.

CCRI has an open admissions policy giving applicants an opportunity to pursue higher education. We encourage you to attend an Admissions Information Session to learn more about our college and how we can assist you with your educational goals.

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Last Updated: 7/13/17